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Zack’s Chocolates & Frozen Yogurt

We serve frozen yogurt and Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

cat-icon 7117 Bathurst St Thornhill, Ontario

Tov-Li Pizza and Falafel (South)

Wholesome food that's good for you!

cat-icon 3519 Bathurst Street, North York, ON, Canada

Kosher Food Warehouse (Vancouver)

Kosher Beef, Veal, Lamb,Poultry Dairy Products, Groceries, Prepared Foods & Catering

cat-icon 612 Kingsway Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3K4, Canada

Taste Niagara – Kosher

Kosher Steakhouse in Niagara Falls, Ontario

cat-icon 6417 Main Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
cat-icon 4119 Bathurst Street, North York, ON M3H 3P4, Canada
cat-icon 600 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5, Canada

My Zaidy’s Pizza

Call us to custom order your Pizza.

cat-icon 441 Clark Avenue West, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Omni Java Cafe

Boutique Kosher resturant with dairy, vegetarian and vegan dishes!

cat-icon 2793 Bathurst Street, North York, Ontario, Canada

Saizen Sushi Bar

Montreal's newest upscale kosher sushi restaurant.

cat-icon Saizen Sushi Bar, Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada

Eva’s Gelato & Coffee Bar

Authentically Argentinian flavor using over 35 of Eva's personal family recipes

cat-icon Eva's Gelato & Coffee Bar, Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
cat-icon 3023 Bathurst Street, North York, Ontario, Canada

Cafe de l’avenue

Kosher storefront coffee shop

cat-icon 5800 Cavendish Blvd, Côte Saint-Luc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
cat-icon 5795 Victoria Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pizza Pita Montreal

Family friendly restaurant and pizza is only the beginning!

cat-icon 6415 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC H3W 3E1, Canada

The Inside Scoop

Full service ice cream parlour in north Toronto with premium ice cream.

cat-icon 3041 Bathurst Street, North York, Ontario, Canada

The Fooderie Market

The largest only kosher supermarket in Montreal

cat-icon 6680 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pantry Foods

Wholesome, Straightforward, Innovative Food

cat-icon 3456 Bathurst Street, North York, Ontario M6A 2C4, Canada